Friday, June 17, 2011

It's The Weekend!!! (909 Days Left)

I got a lot of things going on today so I decided to get up an hour earlier and exercise since I don't know if I'll have time later this evening. I feel more awake than usual this morning...probably from going to bed an hour earlier and exercising at 5AM.

The day and the rest of the weekend is shaping up to be pretty nice. Half day at work today...Woohoo!!!  I have an appointment to turn in my leased vehicle this afternoon so it's not all fun and games like I would want.  Later this evening is a guys night out.  Typically this involves dinner, beer, poker, cigars, sports and NO WIVES (sorry  ladies).  I'll be watching my intake for sure.  I have some turkey brats and a salad ready to go.

Saturday is actually all work.  Fun work though.  I have another friend who I will be helping brew about 10 gallons of beer. The reason I help so many people is because I have the equipment and I know the process. The rest of the day will be spent working around the house.

Since Sunday is Father's Day (HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all you dads), I decided that we will be spending the day at the park.  I'll be packing up the new 5 day cooler and heading out to one of the local park/beaches for a day with my kids.

This is how yesterday shaped up:
I walked on a treadmill for the first time yesterday.  Aside from trying to get my legs about me for the first few minutes, it was not bad.  I changed pace between 2.5 and 3 mph through the workout.
B: Greek Yogurt
S: Carrots, Celery
L: The other 6 inches of Subway ham and cheese from yesterday
S: Orange
D: Roast, potatoes, carrots, green beans
S: Popcorn
30 Minutes Cardio

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

910 Days Left

Yesterday was a pretty good day.  I was busy at work and then I headed over to my sisters to use my brother-in-laws garage to change my brake pads.  I am not a car person but I do take pride in the fact that I can change the oil and brake pads like a pro. My sister took notice and said that it looked like I lost some weight.  The best part is that she didn't even know I had been trying so the compliment seemed pretty genuine.

Even though I got home late, I was still able to get 30 minutes exercise in while I was watching the hockey game (way to go Boston!).  I ended up consuming just under 1600 calories for the day, which is right on target.  I was even able to turn down several beer and regular soda offers from my sister, which I am proud of.  A few weeks ago, I would have probably had about 2 or 10 beers while working on the car.  Instead, I declined and enjoyed a homebrew while I watched the game later in the evening.

Here is how my eating for the day played out:
B: Egg Beater omelet with a slice of cheese
S: Greek yogurt
L: 4 oz. turkey breast, pickles
S: carrots, celery, orange
D: Subway 6in ham and cheese
S: beer and Tostidos Scoops
Total Calories: 1512
30 minutes cardio

Monday, June 13, 2011

Weigh In (913 Days Left)

First and foremost...I just want to say thank you to the Dallas Mavericks for not allowing Lebron James to win his first NBA title.

Now onto the Weigh In.
Last Monday: 453.6
Today: 448.0
Loss of: 5.6 pounds this week and a total weight loss of 7 pounds.

I really wish I would have know my actual starting weight.  I supposed that is was something well over 460, but I did not have a scale that went over 455.  I thought about going to a Weight Watchers office and pay for a week just to use the scale, but before I knew it, I was at 453. So 455 is going to be my official starting weight.

This past week was an emotional roller coast of sorts.  At times I was angry with myself for eating that way I have to well over a decade and at times I was happy with myself for finally deciding to make a change.  I know that the journey ahead of me is going to be long and full of obstacles and that scares me, but I am pleased to say that I am ready to deal with it.  The way I look at it, this is my last change to lose the weight.  If I don't, my only options are weight loss surgery or death...and death is not the preferred option.

I have decided to set a few goals for myself so that will lead me to my ultimate goal of weighing 225 pounds.  Aside from the first and last goal, none of them are based on time frames.
  1. 399 pounds by the end of summer 2011: I know this is achievable by the end of summer, but I just want to have a goal set so I stay focused.  One I am out of the 400's, I will really be motivated.
  2. 350 pounds: This seems like a reasonable midpoint between leaving the 400's and entering the 200's.
  3. 299 pounds: Being under 300 will give me the motivation to carry me the rest of the way to my goal.  I know as I progress, the weight is not going to drop as this is going to push me harder when it comes to crunch time.
  4. 275 pounds: Baby steps to the finish line.
  5. 250 pounds: Almost high school football playing weight...has it been 20 years already???
I am calling this my 5 Steps to 225. My final goal, of course, is to be 225 by 12/12/2013.

Friday, June 10, 2011

TGIF (916 Days Left)

Last night was my daughter's kindergarten graduation.  As the teacher talked about each child, they started to cry when they got to mine.  It seems like we have the type of kid everyone dreams about having.  She is loving, kind, gentle and a joy to be around (I already knew this, but it's nice to see others taking notice too).  The teacher thanked both my wife and I for doing such a great job with her.  I hope one day I can say the same about my other child...but that one is a bit of a firecracker and we have our hands full...but the love is the same.

Thank God it's Friday.  This has been a long week. The hardest part has been the cakes on the file cabinet just outside my office staring at me all week long.  At one point I moved them to the break room only to find them back outside my door the next morning.  The highlight, as I mentioned earlier, was my daughter's graduation.

The weekend is shaping up to be pretty busy. Saturday is just me and the kids as my wife will being going to a bridal shower on the other side of the state.  Weather permitting, I see a trip the park in my near future.Sunday, my wife and I have been asked to be godparents to our friends newly adopted son. After the service, they are taking us out to lunch. My goal for both days is to make sure I eat well and stay active.

I also scheduled a doctors appointment to have a physical and blood work done and to talk diet.  Unfortunately, I cannot get in for two weeks.

Here is how yesterday's eating shaped up:
8am: Egg Beaters omelet 180
10am: Greek Yogurt  100
12pm: Tomato soup 200
1pm: 2 pickles 20
3pm: Celery and cucumbers 50
5pm: Turkey and peas/corn 475
Total:  1025
9pm: 30 minutes cardio

I tried take in less calories during the day since I was having dinner at my mom's (she tend to go overboard with the cooking) and she surprised me with some turkey and veggies.  So I was lower than I had planned on calories and I think I felt it during my late night cardio session. Somewhere around 15 minutes in, it felt like I was wearing cement shoes and my legs tightened up.  I persevered and gave them a good stretch afterward.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

917 Days Left

Before I go any further…let me say thank you to everyone who commented yesterday.  As an FYI, I did reach out to Allan for help and he has sent me some information already.

That’s all I got for today.  I am taking a blogging sick day.  I got a lot to catch up on at work  and I want to spend some time reflecting on a few things.  I just wanted to make sure I got a chance to thank you all.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Am I Actually Ready? (918 Days Left)

So yesterday was a rough day at work.  We had some compliance errors that I had to come down hard on some people for, I came home to a house that looked like a tornado blew through it and then to end it all, I had to fish a dead squirrel out of the pool. Let's say today has a pretty good chance of being a better day.

In my last post, Allen from AlmostGastricBypass slapped me with a reality check.  He asked me if I was actually ready to lose weight.  Quickly, I answered yes. As the day progressed, I thought about it more.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this is not going to be easy.  It is not going to be as simple as cutting back here and there and then killing a whole pizza and a growler of beer during the big game.  I thought about this being a lifetime commitment. Later on in the evening, I was watching that extreme weight loss show on DVR with my daughter and every time they showed the guy on TV, I saw my daughter checking out my belly.  I think last night my daughter might have put it together that daddy is unhealthy.  Before, I was just a big guy…now I am a fat and need to lose weight.  And for her, the rest of my family and myself….I am actually ready to lose the weight.

A couple of years ago, my doctor recommended having weight loss surgery.  I thought about it long and hard and went to a couple of meetings and met with a few people to see if it was what I wanted.  I came to the conclusion that I it was not for me because having the surgery meant not having carbonated drinks or ice cream anymore. I let my love of food make the decision for me.  Not the risks involved.  How stupid and selfish is that??? Today I weigh 15 pounds less that the day of that doctors appointment.  All because I wanted I did not see the world of opportunity that would be opened up to me. 

From this day forward, food is not longer going to rule my life.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Non Scale Goals (919 Days Left)

So I lost a couple pounds and feel like a whole new man all of a sudden.  I feel like bungee jumping and sky diving and mountain climbing...but all I know I've lost so far is 2 pounds.

Mentally, I feel like a healthy individual.  I don't know if its because I am eating better food, or just a mindset that someday I am going to be under 400 then 300 pounds, or if it's just me being stupid....maybe a combination of all three.

As the pounds fall off there are certain things that I WANT. Things that I have always wanted to try or have  not been able to do for quite some time. Some are minor and some are major.
  • Sit in a booth at a restaurant -  Occasionally there are still booths that I fit in, but its a gamble so I always ask for a table to be safe.
  • Shop at a regular store - Shopping at a Big and Tall store blows and it's expensive.
  • Run a 5K - Not a chance right now.
  • Ride Roller-coasters -  used to do this as a teen and had to stop when I didn't fit on the ride anymore.  My oldest kid loves them and I want to be able to take her to amusement parks and ride with her.
  • Take the family to Disney World - I could do that now, but I would probably drop dead after one day of walking. Once I lose some weight I can make it a week long vacation.
  • Play sports - I was a 2 sport athlete in HS and I miss playing.  Even if I joined the church softball least I get to play.
  •  Fly on a plane (paying for only 1 seat) - Embarrassing and costly.
  • Bungee jump - Yes, I was serious. Never did it....always wanted to. When I hit on.
  • Skydive - See Bungee Jump
I am sure I can come up with a hundred more things I want to do, but this is just the surface.  I know I am limited is what I can and do right now.  I can't wait for the world to open up for me.