Friday, June 10, 2011

TGIF (916 Days Left)

Last night was my daughter's kindergarten graduation.  As the teacher talked about each child, they started to cry when they got to mine.  It seems like we have the type of kid everyone dreams about having.  She is loving, kind, gentle and a joy to be around (I already knew this, but it's nice to see others taking notice too).  The teacher thanked both my wife and I for doing such a great job with her.  I hope one day I can say the same about my other child...but that one is a bit of a firecracker and we have our hands full...but the love is the same.

Thank God it's Friday.  This has been a long week. The hardest part has been the cakes on the file cabinet just outside my office staring at me all week long.  At one point I moved them to the break room only to find them back outside my door the next morning.  The highlight, as I mentioned earlier, was my daughter's graduation.

The weekend is shaping up to be pretty busy. Saturday is just me and the kids as my wife will being going to a bridal shower on the other side of the state.  Weather permitting, I see a trip the park in my near future.Sunday, my wife and I have been asked to be godparents to our friends newly adopted son. After the service, they are taking us out to lunch. My goal for both days is to make sure I eat well and stay active.

I also scheduled a doctors appointment to have a physical and blood work done and to talk diet.  Unfortunately, I cannot get in for two weeks.

Here is how yesterday's eating shaped up:
8am: Egg Beaters omelet 180
10am: Greek Yogurt  100
12pm: Tomato soup 200
1pm: 2 pickles 20
3pm: Celery and cucumbers 50
5pm: Turkey and peas/corn 475
Total:  1025
9pm: 30 minutes cardio

I tried take in less calories during the day since I was having dinner at my mom's (she tend to go overboard with the cooking) and she surprised me with some turkey and veggies.  So I was lower than I had planned on calories and I think I felt it during my late night cardio session. Somewhere around 15 minutes in, it felt like I was wearing cement shoes and my legs tightened up.  I persevered and gave them a good stretch afterward.


  1. AJ, with a great plan, whatever the Doctor decides, you will get to see the High School Graduation.. Don't wait

  2. Good day for you. I've found if I don't take the first bite of whatever is sitting there tempting me (in your case -- cake) then I do fine. One bite and I'm eating a second, maybe third piece. :(