Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Non Scale Goals (919 Days Left)

So I lost a couple pounds and feel like a whole new man all of a sudden.  I feel like bungee jumping and sky diving and mountain climbing...but all I know I've lost so far is 2 pounds.

Mentally, I feel like a healthy individual.  I don't know if its because I am eating better food, or just a mindset that someday I am going to be under 400 then 300 pounds, or if it's just me being stupid....maybe a combination of all three.

As the pounds fall off there are certain things that I WANT. Things that I have always wanted to try or have  not been able to do for quite some time. Some are minor and some are major.
  • Sit in a booth at a restaurant -  Occasionally there are still booths that I fit in, but its a gamble so I always ask for a table to be safe.
  • Shop at a regular store - Shopping at a Big and Tall store blows and it's expensive.
  • Run a 5K - Not a chance right now.
  • Ride Roller-coasters -  used to do this as a teen and had to stop when I didn't fit on the ride anymore.  My oldest kid loves them and I want to be able to take her to amusement parks and ride with her.
  • Take the family to Disney World - I could do that now, but I would probably drop dead after one day of walking. Once I lose some weight I can make it a week long vacation.
  • Play sports - I was a 2 sport athlete in HS and I miss playing.  Even if I joined the church softball team...at least I get to play.
  •  Fly on a plane (paying for only 1 seat) - Embarrassing and costly.
  • Bungee jump - Yes, I was serious. Never did it....always wanted to. When I hit 225...game on.
  • Skydive - See Bungee Jump
I am sure I can come up with a hundred more things I want to do, but this is just the surface.  I know I am limited is what I can and do right now.  I can't wait for the world to open up for me.


  1. Are you ready to actually lose some weight, rather than talk about it ? In May of last year, I was you !! 205 pounds later, one year, hard to do, very satisfying, and not impossible.

  2. Follow Allan, he'll teach you the do's and do not's.
    You can do this and before your 40 is excellent. I waited until I was almost 50. WHY??? I don't know but down 55 lbs in 16 months (I'm a slow loser but still going).
    Good luck, take care and be good to yourself. Blessings!!