Friday, June 3, 2011

National Doughnut Day(923 Days Left)

It's not even 7AM and I have heard it three times already.  It's National Doughnut Day!!!! OK... A week ago I would be celebrating. Today, I am enjoying some fresh fruit instead. And even though I am still fat, I have to admit that I do feel a lot better.

Last night ended on a great note....the Mavs won and the NBA Finals series is tied at one game a piece.  I am not a Dallas fan typically, but when they are playing Miami I am. I watched the game and polished off the guacamole I made a few days ago.  I do need to keep my eye out for some more healthy snacks to enjoy while watching sports.

The weekend ahead is going to have challenges. A lot of time is going to be spent around my sister-in-law who is weeks away from having weight loss surgery.  While I do not agree with her having the procedure, I am going to support her weight loss effort 100%.  The bad thing about being around her is that she has been on a several month long binge of eating everything and anything she can before the surgery.  Her husband, who is skinny guy has probably put on a good 20 pounds since the surgery was scheduled.  I have the a honor of being around her the majority of the weekend which means I will definitely be tempted.

The weekend highlights entail  taking the training wheels off my daughter's bike and teaching her to ride, making a batch of home brew with a buddy of mine and going to an orchard with the family...and hopefully some healthy eating.

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  1. Did someone say guacamole?

    Hi A.J.,

    I popped over to your blog because of your profile image. I hope you are doing well this weekend with the tempting stuff your SIL is eating.

    Enjoy the batch making :)