Tuesday, May 31, 2011

926 Days Left

2 years, 6 months and 12 days until I turn 40 (December 12th, 2013).  That's 926 days to turn my life around and lose 230+ pounds.  As of this morning, I weigh over a whopping 455 pounds (that's as high as the scale goes). My goal is to weigh 225 by age 40. While other people are working on lowering their cholesterol or dropping the 10 pounds they put on this past winter, I am contemplating how in the world I am going to lose all this weight.  I am not happy with myself, but I am excited about the road ahead.

My Goals:
Lose 230+ pounds
Learn to control my eating
Exercise regularly
Become active
Change my attitude towards food 
Change my attitude towards myself and other people

Be an example to my family

My plan is rather simple (so I think). Eat better, exercise, have a positive attitude and enjoy life. Eating better means eating normal portions and snacking on fruits and veggies.  Exercising means dedicating 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week to physical aerobic activity. Having a positive attitude means stop looking at everything negatively and start seeing the best in myself, others and situations.  Finally, enjoy life means getting off the couch, shutting off the TV and enjoying spending time with my family, making new friends and getting out more.

I have been thinking about why I have failed so many times when it comes to dieting and I came to the realization that by dieting, I was eliminating the things I enjoy from my diet rather than enjoying them in moderation.  So, no food (or beverage) is being taken off the table. This time I am not going on a diet.  This time I am changing my life and learning how to live.

No surgery...no gimmicks...just hard work.

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  1. hi a.j. your plan sounds great. moderation, moving more, a positive attitude... good reminders. all the best xx fb